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Operator Licence Compliance Audit

Safety and Maintenance Healthcheck

Operator licence compliance audits for commercial vehicle operators in Scotland.

Whether you have an impending DVSA investigation or simply want the peace of mind that your systems are compliant, our Operator Licence Compliance Audit allows you access to a vastly experienced team who will ensure you are on the right track. Taking proactive action before any maintenance visit can sometimes be the difference between keeping and losing your licence. We will help you implement any necessary changes to your systems to help avoid the potentially disastrous effects of enforcement action.

Why Would I Get a DVSA Investigation?

Certain events can trigger DVSA investigations relating to either maintenance or record keeping issues; the most common triggers include roadside encounters that have generated serious prohibitions, poor MOT history or significant increases in vehicle authorisation.

These investigations are conducted by DVSA officers who will attend your operating centre to assess your record keeping, maintenance procedures and adherence to the undertakings you agreed to when you initially applied for your licence.

Should your investigation have an unsatisfactory outcome and the DVSA officer finds that your level of compliance is short of what is expected, the Traffic Commissioner will be notified and in all likelihood, will call you to Public Inquiry where punitive action can be taken.

Enquire Now FAQs
Compliance Levels

Overview of general compliance in relation to your licence undertakings.

Record Keeping

Evaluation of your defect reporting, preventative maintenance and forward planning systems.

Legislative Compliance

Analysis of your adherence to current regulatory guidance issued by DVSA.

Tachograph Management

Checks on your tachograph management relating to drivers' hours and Working Time Directive compliance.

Quality Checks

Sample checks on driver performance relating to defect reporting, walk-round checks, documentation, etc.


Detailed written report highlighting any areas of deficiency along with correction plan.