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Nil defect reporting – what is it? How long should I keep reports?

Nil defect reporting is the most common method for reporting defects. This requires drivers to complete a check form even if no defects are present. It is highly recommended to implement a nil defect reporting system as it can be your first line of defence when trying to demonstrate that your vehicles are maintained in a roadworthy condition.

It is important to ensure your drivers are completing defect reports fully to include all required information. This includes:

  • date
  • driver name
  • vehicle registration
  • odometer reading
  • details of any discovered defect
  • who the defect was reported to

It is also very important to ensure rectification work is recorded on the defect report and signed off by the repairer. Any reports with recorded defects must be retained for 15 months in your vehicle files.

Nil reports where no defects have been recorded should be kept as they are a useful means of checking that drivers’ are carrying out their duties. The daily forms can be compared to safety inspection reports to identify shortfalls in driver reporting.

Contact us for advice on how nil defect reports can be used to identify the effectiveness of your driver(s) daily walk round checks.

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