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What happens at a Traffic Commissioner Public Inquiry?

You will receive a pack through the post detailing why you have been called to Traffic Commissioner Public Inquiry. The call-up letter may request additional documentation to be provided before your Inquiry – it’s important to provide this in a timely fashion.

Your Inquiry will be held in a hearing room (similar to a Magistrate’s court). The Traffic Commissioner and their clerk will be present – and as the name may give away, these hearings are open to the public to attend although it is unusual for anyone to be there.

At your Traffic Commissioner Public Inquiry, you will be expected to discuss your business and transport needs in detail to demonstrate how you are presently achieving compliance. The Traffic Commissioner will ask questions and cross-examine whilst a DVSA examiner may be present to give evidence if your Inquiry is the result of a roadside stop or maintenance investigation.

It’s important to answer any questions in an honest manner and to take on board that mistakes may have been made in your compliance standards. That’s why taking proactive measures such as rendering professional support can be very beneficial and stand you in good stead. Contact us for more information on how we can help you prepare.